SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

Skytrak Launch Monitors-An Overview

What exactly is a skytrak launch monitor? Skytrak is the first affordable golf launch monitor that utilizes  a photometric, or camera-based system, similar to high end launch monitors  of this type that take high-speed pictures of the golf ball right after impact. At 2000 dollars, the skytrak launch monitor compares to launch monitors costing 12-20K.  Several advantages of the skytrak launch monitor is its portable. You can take it to the driving range, or practice area without the hassles of cords or wires. Just link it to your ipad and the skytrak launch monitor is ready to go. For those with limited space, the skytrak launch monitor can easily be setup to  accommodate left and right hand golfers.  Compared to other golf launch monitors, the skytrak launch monitor only needs a few inches of ball flight to gather all the data. This means can hit on a driving range or into a net without worrying about being a certain distance away from the screen or net. The skytrak launch monitor measures the golf ball’s flight, not the club. By accurately projecting the ball’s flight path, launch angle and distance,  we can  make sure you have the accurate data  required for productive game play.  

The skytrak launch monitor is run  by an accurate  and time-tested ball flight model. This exclusive ball flight model is the system engine that takes all the ball flight data and calculates an precise flight path. While Skytrak launch monitor is a relatively new launch monitor, the ball flight model has been used for years. Skytrak has  been refining and improving this  proprietary flight model for more than 10 years. The skytrak launch monitor is extremely reliable, easy to use and as accurate as launch monitors costing 5-10 times as much. 

What Ball Data  does the  SkyTrak Launch Monitor measure?

The main purpose for Skytrak launch monitor is to provide the core set of ball parameters that you need to improve while providing a realistic experience and level of entertainment. Most launch monitors provide every possible swing and shot data. Skytrak launch monitor narrowed  down the long list of factors  and present every shot with only the data you need to measure your swing and ball flight. 

Here is the  essential ball factors with the skytrak launch monitor.

Ball Speed
Probably the most important factor  is ball speed. It has the greatest effect on total distance out of all the data collected. Ball Speed is created by club head speed, face angle, and where on the club you hit the ball. Skytrak launch monitor accurately measures the ball speed.

Ball Launch Angle
The ball launch angle measures the vertical angle of the golf ball in relation to the ground as it leaves your club. The longer the club, the lower the ball launch angle. Drivers have the lowest launch angle and wedges have the highest. Skytrak launch monitor accurately measures the ball launch angle. 

Ball Side Spin
Another key factor is ball  side spin. This is the horizontal rotation of the golf ball It determines if you hit  it straight, hook it, draw it , fade it  or slice it. The lower the number, the straighter the ball flies. A negative number means the ball curved left and a positive result means it curved right. Skytrak launch monitor accurately measures the ball side spin. 

Ball  Back Spin
Ball back spin measures the vertical rotation of the ball. When you see a pro hit a wedge shot to the green and it spins backwards, thats back spin. Usually the shorter the club, the more back spin you can put on it. Skytrak launch monitor accurately measures the ball back spin. 

Ball Spin Axis
Related to back and side spin is the spin axis which represents a horizontal or vertical line through the center of the golf ball. If spin axis is 0, then the ball flies in a straight line. If the spin axis is angled left or right, then the ball ftravels along a curved path to the left or right. The idea here is to keep the club path and face heading in the same direction through impact, with the resulting spin axis remaining as close to zero as possible. Skytrak launch monitor accurately measures the ball spin axis. 

Ball Side Angle
SkyTrak measures side angle as well. Side angle is the direction the ball moves in relation to the target line as the ball is leaving the club. Too much side angle causes the ball to start further offline to the target. With less side angle and less side spin, the ball will fly straighter. Skytrak launch monitor accurately measures the ball side angle.

We will talk about the Skytrak launch monitor's versatility and golf course play on our next article.

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