SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor


WGT is the basic Skytrak golf simulator software. WGT can be played on an ipad. Its is the lowest cost golf simulator software Skytrak offers. WGT offers famous, championship courses in a stunning, high-definition virtual environment. Join the over 10 million golfers worldwide playing WGT Golf.


Skytrak Launch Monitor, Skytrak Golf Simulator
Skytrak Launch Monitor, Skytrak Golf Simulator

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software

Looking for the ultimate golf simulator system? SkyTrak and The Golf Club Game are excited to offer golfers everywhere the unparalleled option to play over 100,000 courses with their own clubs in a stunning, high-definition Ultra 4K  environment.

With TGC, you can even desing your own golf courses and publish on the internet for other to enjoy. Requires internet connection


Skytrak Launch Monitor, Skytrak Golf Simulator


Trugolf's E6 1.6 golf simulator software is the benchmark . More commercial golf simulators use E6 than any other golf simulator software.  E6 software offers avid golfers the ultimate experience with renowned 85+ golf courses and 36 modes of play. What separates Trugolf E6 from the competition is the # of game options available. 

Skytrak Launch monitor is  powered by a breakthrough in commercial-quality launch monitor technology, SkyTrak is the first affordable practice, play and entertainment launch monitor  that provides realistic results that compare accurately to your actual shot-making ability.  After downloading theFREEApp, SkyTrak launch monitor  connects easily and quickly to compatible iPads via its built-in WiFi hotspot and you are ready start playing  shots on the SkyTrak 3D Practice Range anywherea nd at any time.  No wires to connect and SkyTrak launch monitor even has its own battery for total portability. With SkyTrak Shot-Tracer technology, see the golf ball fly on your iPad, and receive instant feedback on the shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and much more to improve your golf game.  With Shot-Tracer providing views from two camera angles, your practice time will be better and you will get more data than actually being at the golf  course.Until SkyTrak launch monitor , you could not expect such accuracy in a launch monitor  unless you spent $10,000, $20,000 or more on a commercial-grade launch monitor or golf simulator that could cost more than $30,000.  SkyTrak is revolutionary in terms of price, performance and its ability to provide quality practice, addictive challenges and fun for you, your friends and your family without ever leaving home or office.

SkyTrak launch monitor  is a fun, yet serious tool designed specifically to help you improve your golf game.  For the first time, you can afford a reliable launch monitor  that provides the accuracy of a commercial-grade launch monitor that could cost $10,000 or more.

Get immediate feedback on every shot with instant 3D visualization, powered by SkyTrak's advanced flight model and ball spin measurement capability. Most launch monitors , even those costing more than $10,000 and up to $50,000, do not produce results that are representative of your actual ball striking ability.  SkyTrak launch monitor  is designed to give you the same swing data you would get at the course hitting your balls with your clubs.